The Metaverse is Coming…

What’s a metaverse?

Let’s face it.  The “metaverse” is coming.  Or at least that’s what I started thinking as soon as I heard of ol Zuck rebranding Facebook to Meta. I listened to his video. I watched the random ass bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s barbeque sauce positioned on the book shelf on the wall behind him.

That’s the point I switched into full fledged research mode.  Right away my ears are poked forward like whaaaaat?  One of the biggest companies in the world was actually changing their name, their world famous name, to save face??  This was a highly unexpected move.  What could be the reason for this happening?  What was the motivation behind this?

Then it dawned on me, they’re trying to get their piece of the pie in the next version of the internet.  You know, Web3.0.  The metaverse.  Wait, metaverse?  What does that mean?  After sinking into Youtube academy for a few hours, I quicky started understanding that a metaverse is.  It’s a virtual reality space where people can connect with a computer generated environment and other people.

Guess what.  At this point there are at least 160 metaverse platforms and plenty more currently being built out.  One hundred and sixty immersive virtual reality spaces where people can work, shop, play games, visit with friends, date and you don’t even want to know what else.  Ya nasties.  Of course you do.  Yes pretty much anything you have access to on your phone, you can have access to in some of the metaverse platforms.  So I’ve heard…

Ok now let’s switch gears.  “Metaverse” is one of the most trending buzzwords these days.  You might’ve seen it floating around or maybe you’ve heard it in a viral video.  It’s coming.  They’re coming.  Coming in a way that might remind you of how the cell phone entered our lives.  Even I didn’t think cell phones would turn into what they’ve turned into.  I never thought that every single person would someday have a cell phone in their pocket.  I didn’t realize smart phones would become such a huge part of our lives.

Or maybe it’ll remind you of the early days of Facebook.  The days where we thought, “this will never take off.  I don’t even want a profile, I’m good with my MySpace.  Errrr.  Wrong.  Facebook has now become one of the biggest companies in the world, and we all rely on them to be around to connect us to the rest of the world.  Remember that terrible day when Facebook went down recently and we had to take our dinner meals to our neighbors to show off what we were eating for dinner?  Yea exactly.  Most of us would actually be lost without it sadly.

Now think of what’s coming next: a new version of the internet.  Web3.0.  A version of the internet that takes us into living more in a digital world than we do in the physical one.  Think it won’t happen?  Like we thought the phones wouldn’t happen?  Like we thought Facebook wouldn’t happen?  Starting to make sense now?  We’re experiencing one of the biggest life transitions in the history of humanity.

You might be thinking, “What exactly do these metaverses offer?”  Well here’s one project well under way.  Meta Vice has positioned themselves as a metaverse for adults, built on the Ethereum blockchain.  They’re creating a mixture of virtual casinos, strip clubs, night clubs and other adult entertainment experiences.  Their hope is to release a beta version by the end of Q1 in 2022.  Just looking at their graphics, developed in Unreal Engine, makes me want to jump into their presale.

We’re here for all of our online marketing clients to make their way into the metaverse!