Drone Photography

take your business to new heights!

using drone photography can provide unique perspectives for marketing your services

In the ever changing world of online marketing, we are happy to be evolving to add drone photography to our services offered. Finding new ways to be innovative in captivating audiences for our clients is among our most important goals. This service gives our marketing clients a way to share their stories from a different perspective.

Drone technology has made extreme advances in recent years and now provides what used to require helicopters, pilots and camera crew. New drones feature lightweight building materials, more advanced operating systems and increased accuracy with navigation and satellite support. Camera lenses have also seen an increase in efficiency and can now provide higher quality imagery than the human eye. Many drones have also seen an increase in processing speed and offer more flight options than ever before.

These developments make it 100 times more readily available to be used for a variety of different marketing purposes. The use of drone photography in marketing enables clients to capture the essence of their work in a more realistic style. In a constantly evolving marketing world, this service adds value to any online marketing campaign that relies on garnering attention.

If a construction project needs photo updates for the developers, drone photography can easily fulfill this need. If a building contractor would like to expand their marketing to appeal to a wider audience, drone photography is great for accomplishing this. If a property owner is hoping to show a unique perspective of their location, drone photography can provide aerial imagery to showcase all aspects of their facility.

  • Real Estate : drone photos provide a more comprehensive view of a property that clients are interested in purchasing.
  • Construction : drone videos and photos can provide up to date scenes on the progress of building projects, saving costs and time for supervisor teams.
  • Farm : drone imagery provides a complete look of a property for horse ranches or deer ranches, fruit/vegetable farms, and wineries.
  • Tourism : drone photography and videography provides a unique and appealing way to showcase an area’s beauty.

As with all marketing campaigns, at OGR we like to take an innovative approach to our work. There are many different ways to establish a brand’s presence and thinking outside of the box is always our goal. Feel free to contact us today to discuss making drone photography a part of your marketing campaign.