Creative web design

don’t be afraid to stand out!

At OGR we understand the importance of appealing to your target audience

Our web design services are built on a bedrock of creativity and innovation. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Responsiveness : We build websites that are responsive to all kinds of devices using fluid layouts. This is vital when you consider the number of devices being used to access the Internet today.
  • Creative content : We believe that content is the foundation of a great website and will work with you to develop high-quality, authoritative content that makes an impact with your customers.
  • Color palettes : We will build your website color palette based on your requirements without developing overly bright colors that negatively impact readability.
  • Photos/Video : The visual medium retains significant power in the minds of customers, so we will pair high-impact content with meaningful photos and videos.
  • Domain/Hosting/Email : We offer services from domain purchase to hosting to email without conceding on quality of delivery.
  • Social media integration : Social media integration is vital for businesses to succeed today, so we use a variety of tools to integrate your social media accounts to your website.

We do what we know works!  Our strategies are proven and time tested.  Let’s take a look at how we can help you accomplish your goals!