Local SEO

think globally, ACT locally

If you offer goods/services locally, then target your LOCAL audience with local SEO!

Local SEO is the best strategy for growing a small business to capitalize on your local markets.  The proof is in the pudding; your daily clients will not only sustain your company, they’ll also be the ones that will increase your profit margins.  The task at hand is reaching out and connecting with your community.   Our emphasis on local SEO will help you win new clients in your neighborhood through the following tactics :

  • Google Analytics : We use Google analytics tools to enhance your local SEO campaign, helping your break down traffic to your website from a geographical point of view.
  • Keyword ranking : We identify what local people are searching for in order of importance related to your business and help you rank keywords to optimize for searches.  Often times, businesses and marketers underestimate the value here.  This is where we excel.  We go above and beyond to ensure results for your business.
  • Traffic optimization : We use different tools and strategies to optimize the ranking of your business website on local SEO pages through directory listings, social media, Whitehat SEO and more.

We have the skill-set and persistence it takes to be recognized by the top search engines in both local SEO and national SEO.  You want to increase your sales volume.  It’s simple, increase your sales by reaching a larger target audience.  Make it to the top of the listings and beat your competition every time.  We also have partners serving SEO services in New York.